In 2011 I started developing the music website Platendraaier. I created the website to give the visitors information about upcoming albums, record stores, music fairs, and famous album covers. Over the years various elements have been added to the site such as upcoming concerts/festivals, an overview of music venues, and information about turntables. On the blog, many articles are written about albums, concerts, top lists, and record stores. During the years the website grew larger and larger and different journalists wrote articles for the website. I took the role of Editor in Chief after I wrote hundreds of articles for the website. Besides we are active on different social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Pinterest, and Youtube), where we have a large and active following. After I started working as Brand Manager for Music On Vinyl I decided to stop with the website and to close this chapter of my life after almost 7 years. By switching jobs by the end of 2020 I opened the book again and since March 2021 a totally renewed website can be found on the web.


  • 1,000,000 pageviews
  • 430,000 unique visitors
  • 1,500 record fairs listed
  • 700 record stores listed (Europe)
  • 500 music venues listed
  • 400 articles about songs
  • 200 album cover stories
  • 130 music documentaries
  • 130 album reviews
  • 30 music lists